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African Diaspora
Caribbean (eg, Bahamas, Puerto Rico)
Central Africa (eg, Chad, Congo)
Central America (eg, Guatemala, Honduras)
Central Asia (eg, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)
East Africa (eg, Kenya, Eritrea)
East Asia (eg, China, Korea)
First Nations/Native American/Indigenous people of North and South America
Oceania - Hawaiian, Pacific Islands, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia
North Africa (eg, Egyptian, Moroccan)
North America (eg, Mexico, Canada)
Southern Africa (eg, Angola, Zambia)
South America (eg, Chile, Peru, Venezuela)
South Asia (eg, Sri Lanka, Pakistan)
Southeast Asia (eg, Thailand, Vietnam)
Southwest/West Asia (eg, Afghan, Turkish)
West Africa (eg, Ghana, Nigeria)
Europe - West, South, North, East
Formerly incarcerated LBTQ people of color
Disabled & Sick LBTQ people of color
LBTQ women of color survivors of violence & trauma
LBTQ Muslims of Color
Two Spirits in Indian Country
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander
Transgender women of color
Transgender men of color
LBTQ Youth of Color
LBTQ Elders of Color
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